Saturday, October 19, 2013

When Children Grow Up

     I miss children's shows like Mr. Dressup, Sesame Street, Theodor Tugboat, Puzzle Place, and most definitely Dig, and Doug, and Daisy.
     I miss all those wonderful, silly, annoyingly repetitive, upbeat, super exaggerated children's songs.
     I miss preschool rhymes, alphabet and number songs, children's poems, children's books....
     I miss the smell of new school materials that just arrived in boxes via UPS.
     I miss seeing my children's faces when the new books arrived, when they first got their hands on their new workbooks, the way their eyes lit up, the big smile on their faces, and sometimes the jumping up and down when it was everything they had hoped for or even more.
     I miss braiding my girls long hair and styling my son's hair just so with gel.
     I miss children's shampoos, children's bubble bath bottles, rubber duckies in the tub.
     I miss wrapping the children in towels after their bath, carrying them so they wouldn't slip to their room to get dressed. I miss them wiggling out of the towel and run away naked so we'd have to chase them down to get them dressed.
     I miss reading classic poems and bedtime stories to them. 
     I miss giving them their snack during recess, preparing lunch for them while they were finishing some school work, having them help me make dinner. 
     I miss school-free Fridays, which were sleep in, clean up, bake and TV days. 
     I miss 5 o'clock dinners with Full House playing on the TV.
     I miss hearing the every day hour and half to two hour practice time of piano and violin. 

     I don't miss the countless nights in dark Hospital rooms and overfilled emergency rooms, fearing for a life so fragile and so young, not knowing whether those little innocent eyes would see another day. 
     Although I don't miss those times, I do treasure them as well, as God was never closer than in those darkest hours.

     My children will always be my children, no matter how old they get. And as much as I miss and cherish those younger years, I treasure them now as I did then. God gave them to me to love and care for them. For that I will be forever grateful to Him, for children are a blessing from God.

     I love you, my treasures. May God's blessing be forever upon you.