Tuesday, April 3, 2012


At times pain blindsides us -
we hurt and we miss,
and we start to wonder - where is God's will?
We read of God's peace, of wholeness and joy,
but our hearts feel disturbed, broken and sad.

We miss and we mourn and we grieve and we miss,
loved ones long gone and others just now. 
The world keeps on turning, 
the cars keep on rolling,
the crowds keep on rushing,
the rain keeps on falling.
As if no one knows of the pain deep inside us,
life keeps on going - right beside us.

How many, I wonder, among all those crowds
are missing and mourning and hurting like we.
How many have buried their loved one just now,
the same day we buried you?

We try to go on, step after step,
weighed down by a broken heart.
God knows all and sees all,
and He holds us tight,
but sometimes we feel not His presence
in all this pain. 
We hold onto Him day after day,
hoping that somehow the hurt will give way
to His lasting joy, comfort and care,
knowing that you feel no more pain. 

We walk and we trust and we mourn and we miss,
we cry and we pray and we trust.
We know not God's ways but we follow Him close,
for the blessed assurance that He has you home. 
                                                                                Synthia Friesen